In regards to gun control

This is a very touchy subject.  These are just my observations and are in no way intended to be taken as persuasion or dissuasion.

1.  Calm down a bit and think things through.
The politicians are trying to ram through legislation without regards to the rights of their citizens. You passed a ban 18 years ago that really didn’t work, yet you ignore history and facts without looking at the reasons. Make the laws that are in place work instead of adding more laws that repeat the previous ones.

2.  Do not place yourselves (politicians) above your constituants. Do not pass bans or laws that you would not comply with yourself. Mrs. Feinstein, Mr. Bloomberg, and others, turn in your guns and concealed carry permits if you truly wish your people to follow your ideas.

3.  Most of the gun related crime occurs in areas with a population over 250,000. What drives that crime?  Is it economics?  Education?  Is it a social problem?

The guns don’t commit the crimes, the people do.

4. Stop making martyrs out of these criminals in the mass shootings. Every one of them had at least one opportunity to be stopped before they happened. School boards didn’t take threats seriously, posts on social media ignored, families ignoring issues hoping they would go away on their own. 

I do believe in the freedoms granted by the Constitution. Even the media must at least one point in all their anti gun hype; paused to consider the fact that if the 2nd amendmentgoes away, the 1st will follow shortly after.

You can’t take away one freedom without giving them all up. 


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