A Letter For The Vice President

Dear Mr. Biden,

I know that I am but one small voice in this great nation of ours.  I also have no delusion that you, Sir, would take a moment of your time to actually listen to one of the people you serve.  Yes sir I actually said that.

It is a common known philosophy in management teachings that perception is reality.  I would like to believe you have at least heard of that. My perception of the job this administration is doing, service the people and constitution you took an oath to uphold; is beyond substandard. 

The people of this great nation deserve much better from you, the president, and congress.

1.  The Fiscal Cliff debacle for starters was horrendous.  5th graders could have provided better leadership.

2.  Executive action?  My understanding is that power MUST be given to you by Congress.  Circumventing laws to support your agenda is NOT acceptable.

3.  Gun Control.  I was taught that to start a sensible diologue, you do not start with words like “ban”, “confiscation”and “executive action”.  Please refer to my previous comments on upholding your oath of office AND constitutional requirements. I feel that to find the middle ground, one must attempt to start near the middle, not divide the nation; then work together.  Instead, the perception is that you entered into your summit with a plan in place, so why even discuss it if YOU are not willing to LISTEN.  Please do not continue to base your arguments on opinions and agendas.  Serve the people you took an oath to serve.

4.  Benghazi.  Really?  5 Americans murdered and this is all you can do?

5. “Fast and Furious”  Here we are again with the words “Executive Action”.  Refer to number three, you want to disarm the american people but provide arms to known violent mexican cartels?  UNACCEPTABLE. I don’t care if it was by accident or by design.

In summary, the perception of your job performance is horrendous.  Circumventing laws and the Constitution could very well be considered IMPEACHABLE. 

I am but one small voice, will you listen?

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