State Of The Union


Never have I felt so repulsed by the actions of our elected leaders. Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Feinstein, and others. 

What have we come to when our leaders promote violations of laws and rights to promote their agendas. When our leaders feel comfortable in denouncing constitutional rights without fear of repercussions.

Our news media screams of their 1st amendment rights while promoting violence against people who believe in their 2nd amendment rights.

Big business falls to pressure from the government and follows suit to promote government agendas.

Mayors urging the President to use executive power to create laws. 


I did not vote for nor will I follow the orders of a self imposed king. I will resist with words, and if necessary, action.  If I am to be made out as a terrorist for believing in the constitution of this great nation, so be it. 


If this administration wants to outlaw my guns, then I will be an outlaw.  The government has already disrupted the supply chain, big business allowed it, and big media supports it.

Executive action has already been used to circumvent laws by this administration. How much more will it take before total control is achieved. History tells us where this is going. It is not a pretty picture.

I will do my part in defense of The Constitution of the United States of America.



One thought on “State Of The Union

  1. All we can hope for is that these laws don’t pass through congress. I am a college student and am horrified that by the time I get out I may not have the freedoms I had before I came into college. One of these is purchasing an AR. I have wanted one but have not had the chance to purchase one due to cost. Not to mention the right to carry. It is absolutely rediculous than I may not have the right to protect myself. You watch the news and hear of homes being broken into. By the time the cops get their they are often times there only to pick up the evidence and observe the aftermath that the criminal left. What good does that do? The damage has been done. For me I will reserve my right to defend myself and enjoy the lifestyle I have enjoyed my whole life. That life isn’t one full of gun restictions and that of an oppressive government whom only seems to align itself with that of its own interests.

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