Congratulations Comrade Governor Cuomo on creating the FIRST police state in America. I am truly glad that you feel that YOUR common sense and intelligence will prevail over the extremists.  Could there be any chance that you looked in the mirror before you spouted that garbage?
Supporting the Constitution of the United States is not extremism. On the other hand, supporting the removal of your citizens rights as well as proposing that the President do the same is supposed to be viewed as “common sense”?

I think not Mr. Cuomo. You have single handedly disgraced this country by your treasonous acts. You disgrace all governors of all the states by your actions. Instead of listening to ALL of your citizens, you chose to act on your own using money and threats as your tool. You choose to put your citizens out of work, push businesses out of your state, and for what?  Maybe to make your bid for the White House?

ALL of the government officials involved in this rape of the Constitution and the INFRINGEMENT of RIGHTS will be held ACCOUNTABLE.

WE THE PEOPLE will stand against your tyranny.

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