Me Time

This post is just for me.

It’s friday night, the kids are winding down, and I’m sitting on the porch with the world in my lap.

Coffee is brewing because that’s one of my two bad habits left.


While I sit here, gathering information, I sometimes reflect on what the world was like when I was a child. Sure you had crime, but it rarely found its way into my bubble of knowledge. More pressing matters were the chores to be done so I could go play. Play back then was going outside and using eighty acres of cow pastures and my imagination. Sure I had toys. Even those little green army men. The best toys, though, were the natural items. Like the stick used to pretend I was G.I. Joe. Fighting the communist invaders like my grandfather did. Playing cops and robbers. Finding out the hard way about electric fences.

As I sit and ponder those times, I realise that my kids won’t have that freedom of happiness. The oldest, 4, can already work the smartphone better than I can. If it has a bright colorful display it gets his immediate attention. I have made him a tree climb with old boards, and will have him a tree swing as soon as I get off my butt and do it.

I guess where I’m taking this, is that there is entirely too much sensory input from the wrong sources. I try to shelter my kids somewhat, but that only works for a while. Mainstream media pounds them with disturbing images, video games are entirely too graphic and realistic.

Family values are getting harder to ingrain into your kids because society as a whole has pushed away from family values. “Billy’s mommy doesn’t make him do that.”  “Susie doesn’t have to sit at the dinner table.” 

All I can do is my best. Shield them as best I can, teach them right from wrong and hug them every day.

Now I will get back to looking at the world in my lap.


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