Really?  I suppose this could be satirical. It could be an attempt by a mainstream media outlet to speak out. Of course that would require courage which the media has previously lacked. No, I think that this is an attempt to put the president on the same level as Christ.

Now, I have read the Bible, and spent many a Sunday morning and Wednesday nights studying and listening the my Pastor present his reflections on the Scripture. I presume that my Pastor must not have seen the scripture elevating Obama to Messiah. He sure hasn’t mentioned it in any of his sermons. I sure haven’t read any scripture to that effect either. I definately haven’t seen the Book of Obama in the Bible either.

Of course, this could also be an attempt at making Obama seem as the second coming of MLK.  That of course I would see as a disgrace to the work and ideals accomplished by a great civil rights leader. To be raised to that level by media, ignoring the lies, cover ups, and questionable agendas; is also a disgrace to MLK.

We have taken God out of our schools, the Pledge of Allegience, and probably soon the Constitution.  The elevation of a false messiah by the media is a true sign that this country has degraded as a society and that beliefs this country was founded on have been discarded as trash by our leadership.

Please read the Bible and please read the Constitution. It may soon be the last opportunity you have to be able to freely read either one.


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