Today is the day.  Today is the public inauguration of the second term of President Obama. Today, on Martin Luther King day, we witness the most powerful leader in the free world take the oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States.

MEANWHILE, President Obama, Big Media, and even Big Business have declared war against the Constitution he has SWORN to defend.

Big media has become biased in their reporting. Big media is above the law. Reporters can break laws without fear because no government agency will harm their supporters. Reporters are condoning violence and segregation against believers of the constitution.  Broadcast agencies are restricting the American People’s rights by denying equal and fair representation of all sides, facts, opinion, and even restricting pro gun activists right to free speach.


Big business has also joined the fight against the people by denying constitutional rights. Major chains have stopped selling guns and ammo under promises of tax incentives and government reimbursement of lost revenues. Even though there has been no law passed or any changes made to the constitution, big business gets to decide what you need.

Banking and financial institutions have also joined the fight by restricting funds. They have been documented holding funds of gun makers based solely on their belief that gun makers shouldn’t be selling guns. They have restricted consumers by denying debit card transactions for purchases of guns or ammunition. They are deciding what you need. Do they deny purchases of alchohol, drugs, foods that are bad for you, tobacco, or anything else that can kill you or others?  NO.


So on MLK day, we again have a division of society sponsored and brought to you by our President, Big Media, and Big Business.


When we take God out of our society, we risk chaos. When we elevate our leaders as false Messiah’s, we guarantee that chaos will soon follow.


I hope that this path of self destruction by our leaders will change course. I pray that God will steer them from conflict. But have no illusion, for I, as well as all of the people who believe in freedom WILL and be heard. Social reform and change were party lines of evil people in history. Are YOU willing to wait and see how evil this administration will get?



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