Inauguration Speach


Today was a long day in the news.

It takes one a while to take in all the pomp and circumstance and pick out the substance. What was said as well as what wasn’t. All of the camera angles showing politicians being politicians amidst the grandeur of the world public stage.  All of the hooplah about who was wearing this or that.

We are a great nation. We are diverse. We all have different opinions and beliefs. We come from different backgrounds and religions. Everyone does have the ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Do we all agree?  All of the time?  No. So we debate our differences, all the while having tolerance of another’s difference. Some of us are extreme. Some of us are not. Some of us just really don’t care.

I am not going to talk gun control tonight. Today is about the legacy of a great civil rights leader, MLK. Today is about our President. It is not about whether I agree with his policies or not. Today is his day in the sun. Besides, I have four more years to nit pick his agenda and policies.

So today, congratulations Mr. President. Absorb the pomp and circumstance.

Tomorrow we will continue the debate.


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