Everyone on this planet has one thing that they are truly passionate about. Some people speak out on those subjects. Others grumble amongst themselves. Some just try to ignore the issues hoping it will all go away.

I have never been accused of keeping my mouth closed. I do speak out. I do admit that some would probably like me to shut up. That would only work for a little while, then I’d be back at it anyway.

I believe that if something inspires you, then run with it. True courage is knowing that you could fail, but pushing ahead anyway.  I reach out to the world in my blog, knowing full well that my opinions may turn viewers away, in the hope that like minded people will see it. I put myself out there on the edge, so that maybe a few people who are not sure about speaking out, will not second guess themselves and step up.

Most of my topics have included politics. I do have plans to review gear and discuss other ideas, but this administration has given me so much talk about. When the government of this country places itself above the law and above its citizens, I am going to say something about it. I have followed through with letters to all of my state and federal representatives. But, I feel that issues of this magnitude deserve more public forums and pressures.

So, if you feel strongly, or passionate about something, do something about it. Speak out. Make your voice heard. Use social media. Email your representatives. Create a blog and drive the internet crazy. Just do something.

By the way, Senator Feinstein, will you please perform a cranial rectal lobotomy. Your actions against the constitution and the people of this great nation are treasonous.  You will be held accountable.

If you believe in your second amendment rights, please write your elected officials. Join the NRA. Speak out. When we lose the second amendment, the first will follow.


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