CNN is promoting misinformation by the government. CNN Piers Morgan presses House Representative on women and AR15s:  response is that hunting rifles are EASIER to use for defense than an AR15.

CNN supports VP Biden comments that shotguns are easier to hit with than assault weapons.

CNN Anderson Cooper supports Feinstein claim that AWB personal because she had to “stick her finger in a bullet hole of a colleague to feel for a pulse.”

CNN supports this administrations agenda of “common sense” all the while aiding in the spread of malicious and dangerous misinformation sponsored by the administration.

A Chicago Newspaper actually printed and published an article depicting that a bayonet attached to the forward sling swivel of an AR15.

The spread of misinformation by CNN and a host of other mainstream media outlets is horrendous.

Report the facts, not hyperbole.  The day after the shooting at the school in Houston, TX we had answers to what happened. We are still waiting on the final conclusion from Sandy Hook. No toxicology report. No State Police Report.

Mainstream media needs to get there collective fecal matter together and do their jobs. Read through the lines people. You are drinking the Kool-aid.


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