Government Audacity

All I can say is WOW!

A couple of days away from keeping an eye on the government ongoings and the data flow is crazy.

For starters, since when is four americans dead from a terrorist attack a laughing matter?  Obama and Clinton are BOTH at fault for failed leadership, but its funny? 

Why is the government trying to keep a trial of gun dealers out of the public eye?  What are they hiding?

Why does this administration want “assault weapons” banned from public ownership, but DHS orders 7000 SBR SELECTIVE FIRE AR15s for PERSONAL DEFENSIVE WEAPONS?  So for the DHS they are considered personal defense weapons, but we the people can’t have them for personal defense?

Why are government officials trying to take away arrest powers of county sheriffs?  VP Biden’s son is one of those doing just that. Why?

Why is one person responsible for the outing of government torture facing criminal charges and prison while those actually doing the torture don’t face any?

Where has the ammo gone?  The 2nd Amendment hasn’t been changed so why is there no ammo of any kind other than shotgun available?

Why are government officials encouraging banks to take away peoples 2nd amendment rights by not doing business with arms manufacturers and ammo manufacturers?

This just seems to be an all out assault on the constitution by those who wish to have all the power and all the guns.

Yet people who believe in the constitution are considered to be extremists?

People who say it can’t happen here are just lying to themselves. Wake up people. Whether you agree with assault weapons or not, the freedoms this country are founded on are being attacked and Government, inc. and Media, inc. are in complete partnership.

I do not and will not salute a Muslim flag. God has been removed from our government, to allow room for The Muslim Brotherhood.

I think not.


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