Barack & Hillary: Are You Mad Yet?

The interview with Barack and Hillary was the most repulsive display of State Media propoganda to date.

Now on Hillary’s behalf, I will say that she has had a whirlwind of a term as Secretary of State. BUT, when that term is marked with tragedies like Benghazi and Fast and Furious, it doesn’t make for celebration and humor.

I mean Mr. Madoff stole money from a lot of people and he is doing time. These two “CEOs” oversaw an organization that resulted in deaths of Americans overseas, as well as deaths of Americans on the Mexican border, but wont be held accountable. Instead, they laugh and carry on as if its all a big joke. Happy times for those in power.

This has become those in power vs the people. Select senators and congressmen and women, as well as governors and even police chiefs, have pushed their political agendas through their positions of power. ALL of which took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. 

Perception is reality folks!  They perceive that they can get away with this because not enough people are standing up and speaking out against them. The media is biased. A biased media is a censored media.

It is time to make these people who speak against this nation and our fundamental beliefs accountable for their actions.


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