Remember When……………..

Once upon a time in this country it was ok for kids to play. Pretend that they were G.I. Joe. Play soldier or cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. Toy guns were everywhere. Kids could make the “pow pow” noises and pretend. Use their imagination as a means to play.

Now, kids can’t make a paper gun, or have a water gun or bubble gun, or even use their hands like a gun without fear of persecution. School Boards, Media, Government officials, and even Facebook have joined in the demonization of guns to the point of taking away a child’s freedom to play.

This, my friends, is enough!  These idiotic fear mongerers can attack me if they wish. I can and will defend myself through whatever means necessary. I will vote them out of a job. I will speak out against their agendas. And if I need to, even resist with force. But to take away my child’s ability to play has gone far enough. If this administration and big business want to fight, then bring it. Try to squash my child’s ability to grow up in a FREE NATION, my child’s ability to persue happiness, label my child a terror threat for playing, or try and mold my child into a bumbling socialist sheep, then you have picked a fight you will not win.

I have no illusions. I live in the lightning capital of america. My children have a greater chance of getting hit by lightning than by getting shot in a school shooting. They have a better chance of getting bit by a snake or hit by a drunk driver than a school shooting.

Are you mad yet?  I am!


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