Chicago “Godfather”: Responsible for Murders Of Children

Miss Pendleton may you rest in peace.  May your family receive comfort and compassion in their time of grief.

NOW, to the “Godfather” Emmanuel, your actions of taking away the constitutional rights of your citizens to defend themselves and allowing rampant corruption through your office, makes YOU complicite to the actions of the violent criminals in your city.  You have the strictest gun laws but a higher gun violence death rate than ten years of troops in Afghanistan. Yet you stand on your pedestal speaking out against the violence that YOU perpetuate.

To the people of Chicago and the State of Illinois, how long are you going to let corruption be a part of your government?  How many government officials have been jailed for corruption?  Stand up and defend yourselves. Take action. Remove from power the officials that desire to create a state of fear in Illinois. Chicago is NOT the capital of your state. Don’t let them dictate how you are governed.

This violence in Chicago can be controlled IF the Mayor wanted it to be. The police could crack down on gang violence. Instead, the politicians would rather take away civil liberties of the people rather than stop the corrupt money flow to their pockets. How do drugs and gangs prevail if not for the assistance of government officials condoning these actions?

The politicians are screaming “protect the children” all the while supporting the gangs perpetrating the crimes.

Make them accountable. Are there any lawyers brave enough to take on “the Godfather” and Indict him on accessory to murder?


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