Chicago Teen Death: Questions

The following thoughts are mine and mine only. They do not represent a belief in conspiracy. They are just questions that have passed through my mind.

1.  Why did we not hear of this Pendleton shooting until it was brought up at a Senate Committee Meeting on gun violence?

2.  Why did the press originally give the impression that this child was specifically targeted?

3.  Why did the interview of her friend seem overly staged?  Lots of makeup and no tears?

4.  Why has the story line of what happened changed?

Now I’m not going to tell the Chicago Police Department how to investigate a crime but just what has been put on the media outlets raises a few flags.

I feel badly for the family that they would have to endure this kind of senseless tragedy. What makes it even more senseless is the politicians using this as a tool for more gun control. In a city that has the strictest gun control laws, but seemingly no ability to curb the violence. In a city that promotes laws that only the law abiding citizens follow, with no effect at all on the criminals.

Families must suffer a life of fear at the expense of their children because the politicians will not seek effective means to control the violence.

Coincidence only goes so far. A political party that demands control, but yet cannot provide control over the crime, only controls those that obey.

I will follow this closely. It is senseless for a child to die this way, but until the questions have been answered, I will go with the theory that more is going on with this story than meets the eye.


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