This is day twelve of my look at the twenty three executive orders on gun control enacted by the President.

12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.

Ok. Its about time something sensible came up. This, of course, should have already been accomplished after all of the school shootings there have been. I do think that it is a good step. I will always be a proponent of self defense. One teacher or staff member with the courage and training to either disarm the shooter or use a “battlefield pickup” to detain or eliminate the threat, can drastically reduce the number of victims in this kind of scenario. Is it dangerous? Yes. Does it take courage?  Yes. As long as we are going to keep our schools as gun free victim zones, then anything that can be used to circumvent those actions are pliable. These criminals (terrorists and should be treated as such) target these areas due to a lack of defense. They attack because they know they will not meet resistance. They inflict their damage until a resistive force arrives, then kill themselves.

Training the staff of schools on how to protect the children should most definately include offensive actions towards a threat. Get the school staff out of the “victim” mentality and get them in the fight.

When these criminals realize that they will meet immediate and definative resistance, they will have to look elsewhere.


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