This is day thirteen of my look at the twenty three executive orders on gun control enacted by the President.

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.

Well then. I don’t know. When you have a Vice-President that argues that they don’t have time to enforce the laws already on the books, how is making an executive order demanding a more aggressive posture on gun violence and enforcement going to work?  Lets take Obama’s “blueprint for gun control” Chicago for example. They have very strict gun control laws. They have a horrendous gun violence problem. Is that because they don’t enforce the laws?  Is there a disconnect between what the politicians want and what the law enforcement agencies can actually do?  Chicago is one really large victim zone where the people cannot defend themselves and the police and government cannot target the criminals. Crime prevention needs to be a priority. How do you prevent it?  Be proactive. Put law enforcement where the problems are. Allow the citizens ownership of their neighborhoods and the ability to provide a deterrent from violent crimes.

If government is not going to enforce the laws against the criminals, then no law will work.


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