Ok. The White House released this photo of Obama shooting a shotgun reportedly at Camp David. My question is what does this prove?

Using a shotgun for skeet or trap shooting has been around for a very long time. Just because he is photographed using a shotgun, it does not mean that he is proficient. Now I have read the comments about his stance and position or lack thereof. I have also read the comments about the angle of his shot in relation to a normal skeet or trap range. The timing of this photo is my concern. The amount of grey hair tells me it is a very recent photo. Also short sleeves indicate warm weather, which until very recently was in the area. To be honest, I really don’t care either way. The pretense of this photo is to provide evidence that Obama has at least once in recent history, fired a shotgun. At the very least as a means to try and counter his “we shoot skeet all the time” comment.

Shooting skeet once in a while does not make one a sportsman. Obama has done nothing more than add more fuel to his fire. He and Biden are on record stating that the 2nd Amendment applies to hunters and sportsmen. Please guys stop with the nonsense. The 2nd Amendment was not created to protect hunting. READ the Constitution Barry and Joe. It is very relevant today.

Also, if you guys want real poll results, maybe you should check with social media instead of your censored state run propoganda outlets.  You might find that the numbers they are feeding you are WAY OFF.


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