These times are troubling. In the span of just two months, a very troubling pattern has emerged.

For starters, a troubled young man shoots up an elementary school with results we are all too aware of. Immediately, our government starts an all out offensive against the 2nd Amendment rights.

Now with the associated media coverage, every act of violence that has unprotected victims ( note that coverage doesn’t apply to self defense or good guys with guns being available ) is plastered all over the television.

Prominant people are ending up dead. Pro-gun people. Decorated war hero. Even a child at Obama’s inauguration ends up dead. All of this could be tragic coincidence. That I will leave up to you to decide.

Obama is historically proven anti-gun, yet he shoots skeet all the time. Suddenly there is a picture as proof?  On a day that he was elsewhere, followed exclusively by press corp, and no mention of shooting skeet or even being a skeet shooting fan at that point.

Now we have decorated vets being charged with felonies for possession of magazines, but famous press personnel can have the same on tv and not be charged.

Now we have a government agenda that targets vets as terrorist threats due to PTSD and now a few suddenly known disorders. Then a decorated veteran is killed by another vet that is claimed to have PTSD. Coincidence?

The government agenda does not want you to have what they consider assault weapons, but they order 7000 of the same labelling them as “personal defense” weapons. Coincidence?

DHS and other agencies order enough hollowpoint ammo to last decades “for domestic use”.  Coincidence?  The civilian market is suddenly scarce with not much of any ammo available. Coincidence?

Anti-gun people have been very vocal in supporting violence against pro-gun people. Coincidence?

Twitter accounts of pro-2nd amendment people have been locked or shut down. Facebook has engaged in some forms of censorship as well. We wont even discuss the drivel the mainstream media is pushing. Coincidence?

These talking points are hot. They invoke passion as well as disdain depending which side you are on. Far be it from me to tell you what to think. I have always been the type to call it as I see it. That gets me in trouble sometimes. I don’t pull punches often. Do we need a sensible discussion on PREVENTING gun violence? Yes. Do we need to be force fed what to think from a government determined to trash the constitution and take away our liberties?  Hell no!



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