Phonetic Resonance: Coincidence?

I will not dive off into a tirade on conspiracy theories. But I do believe that coincidence only goes so far. A decorated highly regarded veteran, who speaks out against gun control and tries to help other veterans with PTSD, is allegedly killed by a veteran suffering from PTSD. Americas deadliest sniper falls to a fellow veteran. Coincidence?

Eddie Ray Routh. Does that name ring a bell?  Sound like any other assassins name?  After a reported police chase that ended at his home, he gives up without incident. Again, does that ring any bells?  Coincidence?

I guess we will know for sure that the government is following the same story if Eddie Ray suddenly disappears or becomes extinct.

But wait!  The police were able to catch this guy but weren’t able to catch the shooter that shot Miss Pendleton in Chicago on a public street with numerous witnesses. Coincidence?

There just happens to be a lot of coincidence floating around.

I know…..what if worms had machine guns?   Birds wouldn’t screw with them anymore, huh.

But what if?….


If you have studied American history at all, you will understand my reference to phonetic resonance. If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.



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