Over the last two days, the administration’s policy and legal justification for drone strikes against U.S. citizens is starting to come under fire. Now Obama has released classified information to the Senate Intellegence Committee. Is this where Brennan’s confirmation hits a big snag?  It should be.

The Today show this morning reported a poll showing 79% of americans approve of these strikes. I, for one, would like to know which 79% of which 1000 people polled are representative of the entire nation?  Part of this while propoganda problem is the press with their polls being biased, feeding the info to the White House, then the White House feels justified because the “majority of americans” approve. This is complete and total BS. At least the mainstream media is reporting on this matter. This administration has proven its tendency towards unconstitutional acts against the american people. It is time for Congress and the Senate to act.

If these actions by this administration make you mad, then speak out. Gun control, immigration, economy, Benghazi, Fast and Furious.

Are you mad yet?


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