Today is the State of the Union speach. Amid reports of voter fraud, an absolutely insane anti-gun agenda, misappropriations of power, a somewhat controversial Pope resignation, and a massive manhunt for an armed and dangerous murderer, the White House gives the impression that everything is good. The House in the news this morning is praising Barack’s progress over his first term and that he is already aggressive in his actions for change.

So now I guess it means that its ok with him if we kill Americans. Ok for our kids to not pray in school while Muslim children are afforded that priveledge. Ok to say the Pledge of Allegience in Arabic, using under Allah in place of under God. Ok to use drones against Americans. Rewrite the Constitution to fit his needs. Ok to destroy the American economy. Ok to arm the Muslim Brotherhood that vows to kill Americans. And on and on and on.

I will watch what the POTUS has to say. I will try to remain nuetral. BUT I’m thinking that just like Mr Jim Jones, Barack is pushing the Kool-aid.

Sorry buddy, but I’m just not that thirsty.


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