I will say this to begin with, having been in the military and having worn a badge, I completely understand the pressures and fears the officers in California were under during this Dorner escapade.

The video I have seen this morning on the news shows me that the shootout/ standoff yesterday was nothing more than a disorganized bumbling chinese fire drill. Every officer was shooting at what?  One man barricaded in a cabin?  Apparently there was no concern for hikers or people camping in the area. Definately no regard for the property. At least 50 to 60 officers against one with a gun. ALL officers were using “assault weapons” but chose to move news reporters away so they could burn him out?

Now I am not condoning the behavior of a murderer. Never will. BUT law enforcements emotion driven hate fueled response with absolute disregard to persons or property should be questioned.

How many rounds fired yesterday without hitting the suspect? Hundreds, thousands?  Each bullet has a lawyer attached to it. Tear gas?  Ok. “Burners”? That is someones property. Most insurance policies are not going to include military style police actions resulting in distruction.

Just sayin.


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