What is that saying? Divide and conquer?  Just what do you think is happening in this country?  If a child molester moved in next door to you, you would be jumping up and down having a total conniption fit over it. We have a President that is taking this country and its ideals apart piece by piece and no one wants to scream about it?


I know that you want to say “that can’t happen here” but it is folks. Every liberty that you take for granted is in danger of being taken from you. The 2nd amendment is only the first attack. Next will be the 1st amendment. Then they will just do away with the constitution entirely.

Police are already allowed to shoot innocent bystanders without fear of reprisal. Obama already states he has the LEGAL ability to kill americans with drones if HE feels you ate a threat to national security. Major media is PAID to push the president’s agenda and not report some incidents. The economy is atrocious. Jobs aren’t out there. Meanwhile tax dollars are going to support illegal aliens. YOUR tax dollars.

How much more do you need to get mad and do something about it?

If you dont speak out now, you just may not get another chance.


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