Why Does Obama Want Terrorism In Your Backyard?


The news today is full of anti-gun propoganda aimed at you. The administration is beefing up its rhetoric against law abiding citizens and labelling you as domestic terrorists. All in an attempt at the ultimate control of the population. The media tells you what to think by basing their stories not on facts, but on the agenda provided by the administration.

Which would be the lesser of two evils?  The God given right of Americans to bear arms?  In which we the people will be armed and able to defend against what the administration cannot. OR a completely disarmed Amerika that has no defense from the administration nor the criminals at large. Do we try to stop the few bad people with guns or do we cower in fear at the gangs of violent criminals that will surely rise up once the fear of reprisal is fully gone?  California Law Enforcement has already shown that a Waco style end to a standoff is prefered. The destruction of private property condoned in order to subdue a terrorist.

The fanatism about guns doing all the killing, while it takes a deranged human to make the gun function. Timothy McVeigh used a large IED to get his point across. A Ryder truck filled with fertilizer and ammonium nitrate. If guns are outlawed, then what’s to stop the proliferation of the use of IEDs on American soil?  Removal of guns isn’t going to stop the determined from continuing their attacks. Reports of IED attacks will replace shootings in the news. Instead of worrying about school or movie theater shootings, worry over mass carnage of explosive terrorist attacks will prevail. So what will the response of the administration be? Will we see Israel type bombing in the United States in retaliation?  Where will it end?

I do study history. This point in our society is a slippery slope. Your freedoms as Americans are under attack. Proposed legislation in numerous states has even gone as far as confiscation of arms based solely on cosmetic features and not on function. The very weapons that earned our freedom and defended against communism and tyranny are threatened.

The administration is right. It is time for America to decide. Stand against the tyranny and corruption our government has become or descend into the chaos of a government controlled society where freedom is no longer a factor.

You choose. My opinion doesn’t count. You are the one who has to decide. Do you want freedom? 


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