Mainstream Media puts 2nd Amendment under microscope

Biden wants inoperable "smart guns",...

Biden wants inoperable “smart guns”,Obama wants a “assault weapons” ban #tcot #secondamendment #tlot (Photo credit: Robert Reed Daly)


The news today is very disturbing.  All I am hearing is that the second amendment is under a microscope.  Why?  It is my understanding that there needs to be major congressional approval before any changes could be made to the constitution.  After that, it would have to pass the scrutiny of the Supreme Court to determine that the changes are constitutional.  So what gives?  Are our God given inalienable rights now up for public scrutiny?  Are we under attack by the media and their pronounced anti-gun agenda?

The media, along with the White House, have made a mockery of our constitution.  They have consistently been on the side of misinformation, instead of reporting facts.  The White House has declared a war on the constitution and is using illegal methods and use of funds to advance their agenda.

My question is when is this madness going to stop?  When is the Senate and Congress, or the Supreme Court, going to put their feet down and squash this treasonous behavior?  I guess that remains to be seen.  Currently, this is a completely partisan issue.  The Democrats wanting and pushing legislation that violates more than just second amendment rights.  The Republicans delaying what they can as well as pushing laws that protect the American citizen from these attacks on the second amendment.

Many gun manufacturers have stepped up and are refusing to sell, or limiting sales to state and city agencies that violate the rights of their constituents.  This is a step in the right direction.  There needs to be a show of resistance from the American people and businesses.

Now is not the time to sit and wait, but the time to stand and fight.  Contact your representatives.  Let them respectfully know how you feel and that if they approve of these bans and legislation that they will be looking for work after the next election.


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