What are your thoughts on the Ebola Crisis?

With the Ebola virus being top news, and many different media outlets pouring out good and bad information, what are your views?

Still working on confirming a story locally that the AP had reported Obama authorized the use of the National Guard and/or Reservists if needed.  But is this something he should be authorizing now?  Both the White House and CDC have publicly stated that the fear from the threat from Ebola is irrational, so why this move?

What do you think?


One thought on “What are your thoughts on the Ebola Crisis?

  1. “If needed” makes perfect sense to me. They were initially functioning under the misapprehension that any U.S. hospital was fully prepared to deal with Ebola. They were wrong.

    Viruses don’t have a strategy beyond surviving and replicating. In this case the fertile ground was a hospital in good ole anti-science, anti-universal health care Texas. They had no protocol, followed by inadequate protocol, and the bug got out. It could happen again.

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