Good Sunday Morning

God has been removed from our government, schools, Pledge of Allegience, but not from me.  Today is the Lords day. Today is for Him and family. I will keep an eye on things, but a few moments with Him and family are needed today. A small repreive from the insanity called our world today.

Stay tuned for the remainder of my posts on the executive orders as well as other stories relating to the current political landscape.

Thank you to my followers and visitors.


Ten Reasons My Wife Is Cool

Ten reasons my wife is cool.  Lets ponder that for a few minutes. For starters, I must say, I really love my wife. We have a great relationship based on trust and communication. We are both fun loving, easygoing, and sarcastic as hell. So to anyone not familiar with us, our picking at each other is genuinely out of love and respect for each other.

1.  Her genuine affection for all living things. The only exception would be spiders. She finds beauty in the nastiest looking grub worms to the point of petting them, but let a spider get within 200 yards of her and she is a determined killing machine.

2.  Her genuine smile. My wife is a person that can brighten the darkest room with a smile and personality to match.

3.  Her southern country education. She has a particularly southern way of expressing herself that can bring a smile to your face. The other side of that is an ability to leave no doubt in your mind that she doesn’t like or agree with something.

4.  Her tenacity. This woman will not back down from a challenge. You better have your game face on if you are going to challenge her.

5.  Her sense of humor. My wife has a great sense of humor. She knows how to laugh, not only at herself, but at life in general. We all know that sometimes life is just downright funny.

6.  Patience with children. She has the patience of an angel. Those times when the kids are rambunctious, her patience shines. Of course when she reaches that point, she sends them to Mr. Meany Daddy.

7.  She is not afraid to get dirty. Whether it be working in the yard or an all out no holds barred marker fight; she will get as filthy nasty as the guys. Those of you questioning marker fight, yes I am referring to those wonderful ink dispensing devices. I have been caught napping before and ambushed.

8.  Her generous heart.  She always tries to give, even when its not possible. She would give the shirt off of her back if it was needed. Sometimes she gives me her shirt even if I don’t need it and I usually don’t object.

9.  She doesn’t do karioke (spelling may be wrong but so is getting loopy and trying to impress the dogs with howling abilities) 

10.  She loves me with all of her heart. She tells me everyday. She gives me hugs, kisses, and snuggles. She is my partner in crime and my best friend. She has my back and I have hers.

Those are the top ten reasons why my wife is cool. And she loves football. What more could a guy ask for?


Little Mamma & Big Daddy A Closer Look

Little Mamma and Big Daddy. My better half and I have adopted these pet names for each other.

Well, I am bigger and taller than her so I’m guessing physically the names are correct. She does look up to me a lot. She depends on me to answer questions that she has on a whole variety of topics. She depends on me to keep a cool head in certain circumstances. ( She is 100% nitro and dynamite rolled together)  She even depends on me on occasion to open jars, although sometimes I think she is trying to make me feel good. She depends on me when she needs a shoulder or even to snuggle. She depends on me to just be the strong silent type when she is on a tryst. She depends on me to be daddy to the kids and sometimes even to her. That reassurance that everything will be ok.

On the other hand, I depend on her to be mommy to the kids. Patch the boo boos, sometimes mine too. Wipe the tears, scare away the boogie man, tuck the blankets, make sure clean clothes are to be had, medicines dispensed, and just be the mommy. I also depend on her to be my rock when I need her to be. I even depend on the hugs, snuggles, and smooches.

We depend on each other to be there for each other. We depend on each other to provide a stable home atmosphere for our kids.

We both have to be mommy and daddy and do our best for the kids. They are the future of this country. Their young minds are molded by the actions and decision we make. That is a lot of responsibility in this crazy world we live.

So if she wants to call me big daddy, that is ok with me. With a smile I will say “yes little mamma.”  For in our little moment of laughter we remember why we are together. Its because we actually like each other, friends, who have crossed the threshold of love and commitment. That gives us the strength to stand together, depend equally on each other, and face this crazy world of ours.