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It gets a little crazy when you leave your blog for a while and then get back to it.  Having to go from self hosted back to WP (wasn’t bad actually) and remember how to function your site and get all of your links live again.  Crazy I tell ya.


Life has sure gotten in the way of this blog in the last year and I won’t bore you with the details, but I am back and will try to keep this updated as much as possible. (So I don’t have to do the whole get it back live thing again)


Thanks again to my faithful followers, who apparently enjoy my rants as I will try to keep you entertained and informed.


Stay tuned…..



What are your thoughts on the Ebola Crisis?

With the Ebola virus being top news, and many different media outlets pouring out good and bad information, what are your views?

Still working on confirming a story locally that the AP had reported Obama authorized the use of the National Guard and/or Reservists if needed.  But is this something he should be authorizing now?  Both the White House and CDC have publicly stated that the fear from the threat from Ebola is irrational, so why this move?

What do you think?



To all my followers of this blog, whether through Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress, I wish to say a very genuine thank you.

I know that at times I may address subjects that make some uncomfortable, but because they are touchy does not mean they should be ignored.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit and read my opinions and the opinions of those I support.


A determined shooter, a snowstorm, armed and dangerous. I’m not liking the odds of a peaceful resolution on this one. But it is amazing how this fits so well with the administrations agenda. Ex military/cop, severe depression(mentally unstable) armed with “assault weapons” and has stated that he believes in an AWB. Go figure.



Officials and personnel from several Southern California law enforcement agencies are braving a major snowstorm in hopes of finding a former Los Angeles police patrolman who is accused of killing three people, including a Riverside, Calif., police officer. But so far they have come up with very little in the manhunt that has entered its second day.

The search for Christopher Jordan Dorner is now centered around Big Bear Lake, a popular resort community about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, when authorities found the burned out remains of the former Naval Reservist’s truck in a wooded area there. They also found tracks leading from the truck, but at a Friday morning press conference, San Bernadino County Sheriff John McMahon said officers followed the tracks into the woods until they led to an area where the ground was frozen, losing the trail.

(MORE: Suspected L.A. Gunman Calls Killing Spree His…

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Me Time

This post is just for me.

It’s friday night, the kids are winding down, and I’m sitting on the porch with the world in my lap.

Coffee is brewing because that’s one of my two bad habits left.


While I sit here, gathering information, I sometimes reflect on what the world was like when I was a child. Sure you had crime, but it rarely found its way into my bubble of knowledge. More pressing matters were the chores to be done so I could go play. Play back then was going outside and using eighty acres of cow pastures and my imagination. Sure I had toys. Even those little green army men. The best toys, though, were the natural items. Like the stick used to pretend I was G.I. Joe. Fighting the communist invaders like my grandfather did. Playing cops and robbers. Finding out the hard way about electric fences.

As I sit and ponder those times, I realise that my kids won’t have that freedom of happiness. The oldest, 4, can already work the smartphone better than I can. If it has a bright colorful display it gets his immediate attention. I have made him a tree climb with old boards, and will have him a tree swing as soon as I get off my butt and do it.

I guess where I’m taking this, is that there is entirely too much sensory input from the wrong sources. I try to shelter my kids somewhat, but that only works for a while. Mainstream media pounds them with disturbing images, video games are entirely too graphic and realistic.

Family values are getting harder to ingrain into your kids because society as a whole has pushed away from family values. “Billy’s mommy doesn’t make him do that.”  “Susie doesn’t have to sit at the dinner table.” 

All I can do is my best. Shield them as best I can, teach them right from wrong and hug them every day.

Now I will get back to looking at the world in my lap.